Void Condesa

Vació Café at Void

Sure, VOID is a store, but we like to think (hope) itʼs a culture, too.

Truth is, while we adore luxury vintage, we like the community weʼve grown around it even more. We love to hear people say VOID is a great place to hang. Have a first date. Meeting.

Write a lyric. Learn Mexican slang. Whatever it is our clients need, this is a home away from home.

This is how Vacío café is born, a place where we celebrate our clients inside the most cozy, intimate corner of our store. The space is inspired by a fanciful dream of a tropical France.

Lastly, we promise to serve you only the finest. Weʼre proud as hell to serve the best biodynamic coffee in México, made by women in a small community of Oaxaca. Brewed and served to you gladly by our team.

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday11-20
Sunday 11-19